Sunday, May 01, 2005

May Day

Brisbane is putting on a birthday party for Buddha this weekend but I've been too busy catching up with the ironing to go to the celebrations....had to settle for burning some incense and ringing a bell before a picture of Buddha instead.

I've recently learned how to make movies using my computer and am about to "capture" our video footage of last year's trek to Gokyo Lakes and Kalar Pattar to edit and burn to CD, then I'll have a go at burning the movie of our Annapurna Circuit to DVD ready to take to Melbourne next week to show a friend who we're hoping to inspire to come with us next year....

You know when winter is on its way when the wattle begins to bloom and its perfume wafts in through the windows....mind you, we're still wearing t-shirts and shorts. Winter in the tropics is a doddle!