Saturday, March 22, 2008

Free Tibet

The recent events in Tibet have focussed the world's attention on China's continuing brutal occupation of Tibet and its people. China is in the spotlight like never before because of the upcoming Olympic Games. Whilst I've always held that the Games should never have been awarded to Beijing, it's been a fantastic opportunity to highlight the Tibet issue.
It's time the international community, which for so long has turned its back on Tibet and condoned its invasion by Communist Chinese troops, started to pressure China on its record in Tibet. It's time, I feel, for nations to start withdrawing their acknowledgement of China's sovereignty (historically dubious) over Tibet. Recent events have shown that the Chinese cannot be trusted with the welfare of Tibetans. Just as the 1989 protests were brutally repressed - just a few months prior to Tianamen Square - so the Chinese have similarly reacted in 2008.
A boycott of the Olympics may not happen but the least we can all do is boycott the opening ceremony. No athletes 'careers' will be harmed, but by the same token, China's "coming-out" party will be spoiled if no-one turns up and no one watches it on television.
I for one will not be watching one minute of the Olympic broadcasts. What will you do? Or does seeing your favourite athlete win a medal outweigh the lives of Tibetans?