Friday, September 28, 2007

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sans Smithy

Smithy's been away for about a month now, and has been keeping me up to date with her adventures with lots of emails. Having read what she's been up to so far, I'm not so sure she should be allowed out by herself anymore.
  1. On the trip out to the Galapagos Islands, she had to sit up all night to make sure her semi-conscious, seasick cabin-mate didn't suffocate on her own vomit.
  2. In Santiago, just escaped from being hustled by three guys
  3. Nearly got swept away by the current when she developed stomach cramps whilst swimming across a tributary of the Amazon

I only hope she hasn't fallen off the roof of the Devil's Nose train!

Meanwhile, I've been coping with her absence by doing housework. Very disturbing development! So far I've done all the ironing, scrubbed kitchen shelves and canisters, polished all the louvre windows in the project room, as well as the kitchen and study windows, dusted and vacuumed the house, weeded what used to be the lawn and dusted and de-cobwebbed all the gym equipment on the back deck. With another five weeks before Smithy's return, the house is going to be gleaming by the time she gets back!