Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busway blues

I am an advocate of public transport, so you would think I would be all for the new Eastern Busway but I'm not. Sure, it will reduce the travelling time for people commuting to the city from Redlands Shire by quite a considerable amount of time, but at what cost?
It's not the people of Redlands who are paying the biggest price, but those of us living in the inner-city. The busway is going to carve a swathe of destruction through Stones Corner and Coorparoo. Whole blocks of tin and timber character housing are being mowed down along Old Cleveland Road. The busway itself will be a massive concrete eyesore cutting through Stones Corner and destroying the streetscape along Old Cleveland Road.
It's the amenity of my neighbourhood that is being sacrificed for those who choose a bayside lifestyle and expect an easy journey 20-30 kilometres into the city centre.
it just doesn't seem right.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I've just signed up to Twitter and am finding it fun. I originally did it so I could find out how it worked so that I could write an article about it for my work blog. I wanted to write about Twitter as a useful tool for staff to use to keep in touch with what various politicians and government departments were doing.
So now I have my own account - - and I have eleven followers! Not many in the scheme of things, but still. And here's the funny thing, the North Queensland Cowboys are following me! Ha ha ha - must be because I tweeted last night that I was watching the Ashes and the NRL.
I'm following a few people - Kevin Rudd and Anna Bligh, to name a couple. The others are strangers but tweet on Buddhism and self-publishing. They were following me to begin with, so now I'm following them. It all sounds a bit circular doesn't it? I have no idea how they found me originally.
The curious thing I've found about the whole Twitter thing is the compulsion you feel to 'tweet' on a regular basis. It might be micro-blogging, but the pressure to blog is ten-fold what I feel for this blog. Strange. Perhaps it has something to do with knowing people are following you and therefore expressed an interest in your activities and so there's an obligation to give them something. Whereas, with this blog, I often feel I am writing to the void. Does anyone read it? Who knows. Do I care? Not at all.
Anyway, if you are reading this, you might want to follow me - both here and on Twitter. Cheers.