Saturday, July 09, 2005

Be still my beating heart

I learned this week that I have an ectopic heartbeat - extra heartbeats or heart skipping beats. It's benign, but had me worried for a good having a weak heart if I want to go climbing mountains and trekking through the Himalayas! I've had to switch to caffeine-free coffee and cut down on alcohol - if I hadn't already given them up, I would have had to stop smoking too!
Hopefully, this will be a passing condition. Apparently, perimenopause causes it and quite a lot of women get it...something to do with estrogen levels, I'm told.
Smithy and I went to a giant CD and DVD sale last weekend and she found a CD called "Himalayan Trekking Songs"! Goes without saying, that we bought it. A lovely collection of Nepalese folk songs, including the perrenial favourite Reshim Phiriry.
We also went to the Kathmandu Winter Sale and I bought a new Gore-Tex raincoat for half price. That's gone into the "Trekking Trunk", along with some new waterproof trousers, ready for the big adventure next year. We also both found great hats that give lots of shade and fold up into a little pouch - they're in the trunk too!