Tuesday, April 29, 2008

k d lang

Smithy and I went to see k d lang in concert at QPAC last night. She's here promoting her new album, Watershed (which is No 1 in Australia). The concert was fantastic. k d just gets better and better. Her voice is awesome and her vocal control stunning. And she's funny and interacts with the audience really well - giving and taking presents, shaking people's hands, cracking jokes.
It's a privilege to hear one of the best singers of this century performing in a beautiful arena like QPAC's Concert Hall. The acoustics are brilliant and showcased k d's voice fantastically. The show was a really good mix of new and older material - Paydirt, Constant Craving, Western Stars, Miss Chatelaine - the only song she didn't sing that I think the audience expected her to do was Crying. But then I read in an article recently that k d believes recording that song was a mistake, although she didn't explain why. She sang Hallelujah instead - which could easily turn into her next signature piece. My favourite song of the night was Jealous Dog.
I've been a fan of k d's since 1985 and this is the third time I've seen her live. I've really enjoyed her musical journey and love the latest album. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.
It was also fantastic to see k d's involvement with the Tibetan movement at the Canberra Torch Relay. I just wish I could have been there too.
Click on this link to see k d perform Hallelujah at the Juno Awards in Winnepeg